Car Control Courses

Legendary limit-handling and one-to-one coaching to help you achieve your goals in driving.

This is my most popular course. It was designed for anyone who finds themselves driving near to or over the limit of grip. It suits anyone who wants to improve their driving skills.

Car control courses start at £450 per person including VAT

Structure of the Day

All courses are flexible depending on your needs. A typical Car Control course at Bruntingthorpe follows this pattern..

A Typical Day

  • 9:30am Meet and Greet, during which we set goals for the day
  • Quick safety briefing after which you have the chance to familiarise yourself with the track
  • Morning one-to-one coaching sessions
  • Break for lunch
  • Afternoon one-to-one coaching sessions
  • The day finishes late afternoon


Build an effective model of car control that you can put into practice when driving at the limit.

The Fundamentals of Car Control

You will discover the fundamental principles of car control including:

  • Steering, steering and steering
  • Recognising how you know when you're at the limit of grip
  • Basic vehicle dynamics (oversteer and understeer)
  • Understanding tyres, the language of tyres
  • Understanding steering at the limit
  • Simple phases of cornering
  • Understanding grip
  • The importance of dynamic weight distribution
  • The beginnings of handling at the limit
  • Starting to manage your internal mental state
  • Did I mention steering?


Extend your model by focusing on the details, honing skills and developing more choice.

Advanced Car Control

This stage is all about building on the basics. Once the fundamental have been introduced and reviewed, attention shifts to the important details that make all the difference. You will continue to focus on manipulating a vehicle on or near to the limit of adhesion and you will develop more choice, elegance and finesse.

During the advanced session(s), you will further develop your limit handling abilities. As we spend time honing steering skills, control and freedom start to emerge as sublime ability.

Other topics typically include:

  • Aspects of subtlety applied to controls
  • Smoothness
  • Heel & toe gear changing
  • 'Hinting'
  • Effective braking

A choice of venues provides a degree of flexibility and makes more or less demands on absolute car control due to the proximity of safety barriers.


Fine tune your skills at a level that is invisible to the amateur eye. When you know you can put the car anywhere and at any angle, you are masterful.

Mastering the Art of Driving on the Limit

At this point, you are probably already a highly skilled driver looking for the little somethings that make all the difference to your performance. You can drive well enough to notice small changes in your thinking or behaviour and how they transform your performance.

For you, driving near to the limit is a gimme. You want to perfect your skills. you want to become a mister.

During master class session(s), you may also have the opportunity to develop a number of skills specific to you. You might be concerned about smoothness as the car regains grip at the end of a slide, you might be a power-sliding guru who takes up drifting as a hobby or you might be a track driver or racer who's short of pace.

Expert coaching will enable you to solve the vast majority of your driving issues. Crucially, you will maintain ownership of the solution.

A choice of venues provides a degree of flexibility and makes more or less demands on absolute car control due to the proximity of safety barriers.

Mastery is the result of hard work. It's built upon a firm foundation based on proven beliefs and values. Practising what works transforms this foundation "into the muscle" as it were. Old habits become new ones that serve you better than the old ones. Mastery comes from being a student of driving.