Track Driving

Have you spent as much on developing your driving skills as you have on your car?

Track Skills

Build an effective model of car control that you can put into practice when driving at the limit.

What you will learn

You will discover the fundamental principles of car control including:

  • The fundamental importance of taking the correct line
  • Recognising how you know when you're on the ultimate line
  • Simple phases of cornering
  • The importance of taking due consideration of road camber as applied to corners
  • Recognise difficult situations and learn how to deal with them
  • Understanding how the vehicle translates your actions into the outcomes
  • Basic vehicle dynamics (oversteer and understeer)
  • Understanding tyres, the language of tyres
  • Understanding steering at the limit
  • Understanding grip
  • The importance of dynamic weight distribution
  • Elements of handling at the limit
  • Aspects of subtlety applied to controls
  • Smoothness
  • Heel & toe gear changing
  • 'Hinting'
  • Effective braking
  • Developing your ability to manage your internal mental state
  • Learning how to minimize mistakes